A Pearl of the Light

She, a pearl of light
Lays upon my land,
Caressed within waters,
Drawn through times eye,
Arrayed in beauties cascades;
In cool or heated ferocity.

A wildernesses unfettered compulsions;
Loved at the smoothed shore,
Whispering iridescent
Wisdoms, frothed, and frozen.
And I, Pierced with imperfect salutations
See her.



One thought on “A Pearl of the Light

  1. And without those eyes that see, a pearl is nothing but a grain of sand amongst many, lying in her watery world, waiting for the day somebody cracks the shell and lets in their light. Only then the pearl shines.

    Never be embarrassed. Words are a gift. Received. Treasured. As much a pearl in their own right.

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