Aphrodita Aculeata Polychaete


Aphroditi Aculeata Polychaete

Photonic genitals,
Or trippy tentacles?
Underneath a spiky nightie,
Lies a squirming Aphroditi



2 thoughts on “Aphrodita Aculeata Polychaete

  1. Naughty Step.

    Drowned mouse or moonlit rat,
    the male psyche springs
    from out of the hat.
    (And suddenly the Mad Hatter fills my mind.)
    Very curious; a mental Wonderland of pulsing photonic tentacles. … gentacles?
    ::walking to naughty step::

    Spiky nightie..
    When I’m done sniggering I’ll try to erase the visual of a poor poxed Aphroditi.

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