And (When)



Things become suspended.


Look for the balance.

I’ve a whale I made.

From tin cans it be.

And in the dimming of the glimmering light,

It spy hops free from that simmering sea.

I said I’d put it in a blog one day.

I make such things


Life. Life. Is hard. 


Occupying may hands is the only way.



8 thoughts on “And (When)

  1. The little spy hopping whale is imagination come to life, what a wonderful talent to have. Beautiful job, the attention to detail is perfect! Things made by hand are the most beautiful and prized. – I do the same thing when life is hard, though these days it’s more along the lines of drawing and painting.

    We’ve several pods of orcas around here. To see them is a moment to cherish; so wild and free and full of joy, surfing in the mist. Years ago I worked with Sea World in Orlando developing an ultrasound probe for the program. These are not beings that should ever reside in captivity, they are no less creative and intelligent as we are.

    I used to save tin cans for something just at perfect as this, but I never got around to it. Because (relating to another thread) I was going through culinary school; both cooking, and studying international baking and pastry. My baking mentor was a funny little German guy who encouraged me to head to Europe and continue my studies. In my dreams I went. In reality I had to stay home and finish homeschooling my stubborn son. … Point being, I had a lot of tin cans after I graduated, but not so much time. (So yes, I know my way around a kitchen. I both cook and bake; ACF certified. Those were not easy tests to pass. If at any point you weren’t where they though you should be, they kicked you out of the test.)

    As for the cheese (I realize this is way off whale topic, but you know that to which I am referring.) I took classes on that as well. Still have a wheel of five year old parmesan. Your description of Stinking Bishop and the Gewürztraminer = perfect! Now I’m all set to bake a pie! — As for favorite bread, I love a crisp, chewy loaf of warm French. (Make my own butter for this – everyone calls it “sexy butter”, not because it’s all that sexy, but people usually groan when they eat it on hot bread … I didn’t name it, and they all think it’s funny. People are weird. – anyway, I add medium crystals of sea salt. It gives it a nice punch.) Second would be a cherry chocolate loaf … chocolate, go figure. 😉 I’m going to have to look into this black sourdough… hhhmmm.

    The kingfisher; those koi were small. About 5 inches head to tip of tail. I got the huge koi because I knew the little bugger couldn’t get them, and then the eagles came for supper. ::gave up::

    My mum calls my hotel the Starlight Motel. Even now I prefer to sleep outside in nice weather. I head out with a pillow and blanket and she’ll ask, “Starlight Motel tonight?” I think she got that from a movie at some point, but now nearly everyone refers to it as that. Must be down the street from the Billion Star Hotel. – Funny!
    There is a place here along the cliffs (about 15-20 feet) I love to camp. I sleep right near the edge and listen to the waves pound on the rocks all night. Our beaches are mostly rocky, and the sound of the tumbling rocks is beyond heaven.
    – I’ll close my trap now. Anyone reading your comments is going to think I’m a nut job with all this talk of kingfishers and bread! 😄 .. and BTW, a 13 hour shift is insane! Go you!

  2. “Way off whale” I’ve stored this. And it will now become part of my lexicon of confusing (but to me amusing 😉) sayings. Other favourites “lay me down but don’t bend me” – Grandmother; post prandial fullness (stuffed after a good meal). “It isn’t as it isn’t until it is” – Granddad (coal miner, conciencious objector, mental health nurse). “a dammed hamlet” – Grandad (Regimental Sargent Major 1st Royal Horse Artillery); Village without a pub. So many others.

    To be able to make food that makes you groan, in a good way. Now that’s a golden gift. “Sexy butter” your no nutter!

    Eagles in your garden! If you’ve not sold your house, on this basis alone, I’ll buy it! (Hang on that was your previous house?)

    I’m going to have to come back to your amazing reply as I’ve got to go train (yep cycling) and if I don’t “get a blooming move on” – Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady – I’m going to be late 😓

    I’ll be back

    • Sperm whales. Largest toothed predator. Produces the loudest sound at 230 decibels. Can dive to depths of 2,250 metres. Largest brain of any animal. Females have young once every 4 to 20 years. Amazing! Truly! And I’ve not scratched the surface of this miracle.

      What medium do you paint with? Do you have any pictures of your work? I’d be really interested to see.

      I’ve not painted for a while now. I switched to lead glass a few years ago (the light shining through certain coloured glass seems to cause an immediate emotional response in me. I’ve been totally captivated by the paterns / colours in certain medieval church windows). People are weird, like you say 😉

      You watch Orca’s from near your home!!!! Oh boy. And. I agree so strongly with your comment about whales and captivity.

      Chocolate. Now there’s a love of my life. But. Not just any chocolate. Bliss. And. Olive oil. Extra Virgin from small presses. Best eaten in the evening, Greek sun warm and
      scintillating, sweet ripe tomatoes, feta cheese (more cheese!), sweet sliced onion, crushed herbs, more bread, and a few glasses of retsina… ::sighs:: memories

      The beach by me. Its huge, miles of dunes. If (when) the sea breaks through we are subjected to the savage beauty of nature

      • “To be able to make food that makes you groan, in a good way.” – Good lord, I’m going to regret posting about that butter. It’s more “Mmmmmmmmmm” than “Oooohh”. There is a whole back story there … Moving on.😳

        Per the whales; I’m surrounded by the Puget Sound. We’ve been known to have a few orcas.. also just off the coast. I’ve seen them swimming around the sea stacks, as well as around Seattle, though closer to the peninsula side. A lot less traffic over here. – The whales are amazing, every species, and to see them in the wild leaves little room for debate as to whether they should ever be in captivity or not.

        As for the eagles in the garden, that was in Seabeck. A quaint little place I adore, and would love to move back to it someday. We sold the house and moved to south Florida back in 05′ due to several factors. Moved back to Washington in 2010, and live further north now. Seabeck is a nesting ground for the bald eagles. We still have plenty around us now, but Seabeck is the place to be to see hoards of them. Here in Stephen King Ville we have more spiders than eagles. Too bad the eagles don’t eat those.

        It’s more what medium don’t I paint with, and the answer so far would be; oil. Just haven’t gotten to it yet. Acrylics can be interesting, but I like the watercolor, though I should probably take a class to understand it better. I also like colored pencils – obviously not paint, but they’re a challenge, so I enjoy it. I’ll see about posting a few things. I don’t typically post my stuff, as I’m no pro. Just a self taught hobby.

        Also a fan of the stained glass. That was one of my favorite things to see back when I was able to travel more. There was a castle in Germany I fell in love with; ate breakfast in the cascading rainbows of such windows every morning as the sun came up. Breathtaking! – As for the olive oil, you don’t get good oil here in the states, so I mostly use grape seed. Very light and no aftertaste. I’ve heard about the olive oil, the good stuff, but as yet haven’t found any here (in the U.S.) that doesn’t taste like it has been sitting in a can in the sun for several years.

        Spam; why yes! Thank you. I’ll open a lovely box of white wine and start cooking the macaroni and cheese. 😉 (NOT)

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