An (Almost) Mute Blogger

January to date

4,180 miles

Two chains

Four tyres

One gear cable

Four break pads

170,780 calories

Five Sportives


270 hours

1,500,000 turns of the crank

Pure joy!

5 thoughts on “An (Almost) Mute Blogger

  1. Oh. And. Two wheel rebuilds. And a few quid raised for pancreatic cancer and breast cancer research. Thank you thank you to all my sponsors. Infinate respect and gratitude for you.

  2. Awesome! Amazing! So incredibly thrilled! -WOOT! The triumphant athlete returns – and I love the pooch (Then, I’m a dog person, so I’m partial.) With that many miles your bike held up pretty darn well; glad you survived too 🙂
    I’m rooting for you on the 27th! ::gokitwest!-gokitwest!::

  3. Hey thanks! Hope blog met your requirements 😊

    Irony irony. Had to take my bike in yesterday as it had begun to make some alarming noises (head stem area) when pulling up hill. I had a 10 mile TT ride yesterday and had to use my heavy winter bike. I got off OK, heart rate and breathing under control, first big hill, and disaster! Chain flipped off the cassette into the back wheel. Peddles seized. Bike came to a halt and I crashed out into a ditch. Managed to disentangle my chain and get back on, but not before the guy behind had overtaken (gutted lol). I managed a 28:30. But but but.

    I’m about to go read your new blog. Excited to see how you got on!

    Thanks for the motivational cheers! Could you arrange to get over and shout me on. I’ll give you a list of the hills to get to. Warning. You might be busy and hoarse by the end of the day.

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