So, some days stand out.


For good reason. 


Then there are days that stand on their own two feet, grim and fat, with a malignant life changing potential.


Having an unexplained ignored pain for a few days (OK a week, two weeks…maybe three, but no more than that. Honest) I sit on the GP’s plastic chair, my back stuck to it. He’s carefully washing his hands. His wrung out word’s, seeming detached from my world, float and push against my ears. Small variations in air pressire. Sound; minimal energy disturbance of matter, travelling through a medium, changing my world. Such an intense irony.


“How long have you been waking with night sweats Kit?”


I listen hearing through my sensory density. Sound pressure. Particle velocity. Particle displacement. 


“Your test demonstrated a high level of ….cells”


Is this what they mean about the four stages; Sensory denial. Pressure of anger. Velocity of depression. Displaced acceptance.


“Further tests will be necessary. I’ll arrange these”


On the other side, I find myself staring, unseeing consciously unconscious, at the off white ceiling tiles, whilst equally not listening to the not quite grey music machine singing in diagnostic prognostic frequencies. It was, all a mystery.


“We can rule out…but. Further referral to… I’ll arrange this”


And the dog on the bike? He might look improbable, but he’s definitely more self determinate, in a relative way.


So. Some dogs stand out



8 thoughts on “So

    • Hi. Thanks I’m touch by your kind words. I understand better now when other bloggers say ‘its good to know that someone reads your words’ Thanks again. What you say means a lot

      • Feedback is vital, even if you mark something ‘private, please don’t read’ – especially if it’s a piece which rends the soul and leaves you wondering. The reader and the writer have a unique relationship in this Blogosphere we inhabit, which makes it rather a wonderful thing – we have the chance not only to read and absorb, but to question the mind which generated the material, and (almost) expect a response. It’s great.

      • Absolutely. And for a person with an addictive obsessional personality (er that’s non fiction) its the best craic available.

        Please don’t read – Alice

      • Alas, I’m unfamiliar with Carrol’s world, though I always find it intriguing and unsettling. As I did with your piece.

  1. And here I’ve been sitting in my own tiny room, a giant, feeling trapped. While you’re suddenly far away and feeling dwarfed by the now giant ceiling over you. “Read Me”. When the world suddenly falls out from under you – Read. Write. People are listening, so remember to write. Sometimes in writing we discover how determined we are to overcome the improbable. The overwhelming.
    In writing we stand out. We stand up. .. And remember, you’re not standing alone.

  2. Mostly this last week I’ve been either; Pushing (pedal’s) with a vengeance like there’s a knowledge that they will only go around so many times, or reading.

    It may be that it’s a well worn phrase (in all senses) but I seek out your written words because they both hold and express value.

    Thank you

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