A Cyclists Poem



I never thought I’d get this far

On wooden legs way from par

A shredded mind, like broken glass

Bruised and tattered knees and ass

After cycling with those younger boys

On coveted lightweight plastic toys

It ain’t as if I’m young, no more

Do I talk it up, like some cycling bore

None of the gear

But slight idea

I take the risk suck up close and draft it

Spat out, but far from shafted

Head down I chew that stem

Snot faced, pain flecked, speckled phlegm

Those ba’stds break away again, AGAIN!

I rage against my aged frame to show its metal

There ain’t no prize, there ain’t no medal

Just the internal satisfaction that

I ain’t dead!







8 thoughts on “A Cyclists Poem

  1. That photo looks like Greg Lamond. Okay, so I see you’re a rider from your little gravatar pic….so what’s your story? I’m a HUGE fan of cycling, but not because I ride, because I dated a road cyclist for a couple years, and my hubs is a mountain biker. I just feel like it’s been part of my world for 20 years, so I have an enormous respect for it.

    I really like your poem! I’m sure the hubs would be able to relate with that feeling. 🙂

  2. Hi Beth, great thanks for your kind words.

    I’ve cycled since the age of six when I nicked my mums bike to cycle 7 miles to watch some wild otters. My mum was wilder when I got back, late, with a puncture. Dad bought me a bike after that. I’ve done road racing, mountain biking (lary-scary. Once got my gentleman parts crushed between the back wheel and brakes after going down a rather too steep a hill – made my eyes water! Supposed technique is to lean way back over the rear wheel without making contact with your arse and the back wheel) and time trials (sooo much pain!!!! But I’m addicted to the adrenaline and endorphins) Had a break in my late 30’s when I started to do wilderness hiking. Now back on my bike with a tenacious obsession. The guys I cycle with are speed demon’s! Take no prisoners and give no quarter. Mind you I ask for none. I’ve done triathlon for 5 years, although I probably won’t do it this year as I’ve got quite a few long distant events on (current total event miles = 1425. Current distance ridden in prep = 2500 + several pairs of shorts haha)

    So there you have it, a potted account of my cycling thus far, major accidents excluded!

  3. I remember when I first started riding years ago, and marveling at how this little bike of mine would go anywhere! I haven’t stuck with it (having to move back to south Florida kind of killed the ability to ride without getting killed. Not bike friendly.) Got more into the hiking back here in Washington (state). Now it’s off to Utah; biking and hiking heaven in the red rock. Maybe it’s time to climb back on … but good god! Mashing the bits in the brakes? -! Probably looked a lot like the guy in the pic.
    Not sure what will come of the hiking or biking… just sold my beloved dirt bike; lots of fond memories and scrapes with that one ::sigh:: how I miss it! Now I’m selling my Harley .. guess I ought to dust off the mountain bike; it’s the only one I have left!

    Wild abandon indeed…. is there any other way to live?

  4. Any other way to live? – none worthwhile

    I haven’t done mountain biking for about 5 years now. Mainly because its flat (flatter) here than in Scotland, where I lived previously. The roads here make cycling tricky ( substitute lethal for tricky) Time before last I broke two ribs (then cycled home – sort of – no sense no feelings as they say) The thing that really got me was the driver shouted at me for scratching the paint on her car. I’m ultra cautious of drivers. I wear day glow gear have 4 rear and two front high intensity lights with a capability of blinding you at 1000 yards, and still people don’t see you. I’m a light weight really, but I love attacking the hills. The way the wheels sing when you power up oh boy! Its worth all the pain (almost lol)

    You had a Harley Davidson?! Wow. Nice. I used to have an old Royal Enfield 250 single cylinder in Royal blue, lots of chrome. After travelling at speed it would make my hands numb for days. Such a buzz (that’s definitely not the sound it made though!) to ride.

    I love the hills. Remoter the better. The hills and mountains in Scotland are great, but I bet the country around you is awesome. Serious hill envy going on here.

    There’s only so much you should give up in life.

    Anyway. I’m rambling. Just back from a ride. Need to attend to a few basics 😮

    Thanks for stopping by. Seriously. Thank you!

    • Understatement haha and a serious business. Actually, you know what, its liberating as well. Makes me feel alive.

      And. There’s no way anyone could describe you as old. If I catch ’em I’ll whack ’em with me stick 😉

      • But I am, I am!

        Especially compared with all these young’uns in their 30’s.

        I’m almost 45. Makes exercise a whole different vocation than when I was 25.

  5. Yes. And. No.

    I go cycling with guys from the age of 16 upwards. The young guys (<35yrs) are tricky to compete with. Its all strategy. And pain management, on my part. And getting those miles in. Have to say I do try an intimidate the youngsters by matching their pace and then overtaking them on the hills. I've wheels that make an impressive noise when you put in the effort. A sort of rithymic whooshing. They laugh as I power up behind them. But that's fine with me because their focus is on me. My focus is on the hill!!!

    So. Basically its all in the head as those years increase.

    And you're not you're NOT 😀

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