let’s face facts

Let’s face facts…

And already my resolve fades…

Right now happiness for me is a pair of quietly breathing warm hairy dog, lying across my lap…no farts…not yet at least





We don’t know much about each other. Its probably better that way.

Mostly I read, and comment. There are so many brilliant blogs to read (Samara, Aussa Lorens, myfemalepersuasion, janedoh…) & photographers (little dogs laughed, movethechair…) So many talented people…

So far I’ve written three times as many blogs as I’ve pressed…if that’s the right way to put…& its probably better if it stays that way.

I’m good with my hand’s, so I’m told. That doesn’t hold for much here, unless you need a massage. Or a bit of stained glass…



Neither does being able to cycle for miles. I LOVE the written word…and music is my passion. Food, films, friends…and a deep soft melancholia…


I’ve little to say….its probably best that way





3 thoughts on “let’s face facts

  1. Some days feel that way, don’t they? (Above comment) đŸ˜‰
    There are so many blogs, but few authors capture someone’s attention entirely. I think you should post more, because I love those words.

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