Sportives Diary

I don’t usually keep a diary. I’m not so good at routine. But, I’m going to try.

There are so many people writing such good stuff in this blogosphere.

Lucky for me I have an incredibly small audience to disappoint.

OK… Here we go (if I was clever – suspend disbelief – I’d drop in a video clip of the Chemical Brothers song ‘DJ Hero’ at this point, which has that line in it, to give you, maybe, an idea of how I get the motivator running – but I’m definitely not wise)

Its 5.30am & pitch black. Sunday morning 25th Jan 2014. Its one degree above freezing outside.


This years cycling challenges so far are:

  • April 100mile Norfolk Coastal RideRide. This is a build up ride
  • May 185mile London Revolution Ride. Doing this one for Pancreatic Cancer and Breast Cancer.
  • May 175miles circumventing some of Norfolk
  • June 165miles coast to coast through the Lake District and North Yorkshire Moore’s. Raising for the above charities
  • July 100miles Norfolk. Heart Foundation charity ride

But right now the challenge is getting out of bed to go train. Its cold & wet & blowing & my bed is warm…same as it ever was. Last week I was washing mud and grit from places most definitely not designed to cope with that stuff.

I’m now running late…


Rider returns


Dogs greet me with enthusiasm, & offer to pull my wet gear off, run me a bath, & make a nice hot cup of tea…not



The winter bike (in the rain)




The wet tired smiling rider (do I really look like this good grief!) The face of a happy winter cyclist. You know that you too would smile if you had to bounce up & down on a hard saddle, slightly wider than a crayon, for about 3.5hrs in the freezing rain.

Post script:

Ride length 65 miles

Accidents one. Couldn’t break in time slowing for horses, the wrong kind of leaves on the road that’s my excuse. The other guys were impressed by the elegance of my flight & one point landing. I was relieved that the horse didn’t polish its hooves on my head



My longs looked worse


Day off tomorrow, then turbo interval training…joy

11 thoughts on “Sportives Diary

    • I love my bike (don’t get me wrong not in some sort of weird way lol) but I also love my bed. I long for the springtime to be honest. I had to turn the hose on myself when I got back on Sunday. The lanes we cycle along are currently covered in mud from the farm vehicles taking potatoes from the fields, and when it rains liquid mud is showered over you from the guys in front. We probably all look like Buddhist monks with inscrutable faces as cycling with your mouth open is not a good practice…

      Thanks for passing by and your leaving your motivational comments. Really appreciated. Kind regards Kit

  1. Oh man. I have a hard enough time getting out of my bed when I know I will be greeted by coffee and a space heater, I can’t imagine braving cold and windy and physical exertion. And… 100 miles?! I can hardly drive that 😉 Seriously though, this is awesome! Hope the knee heals up quickly.

    • Aussa Lorens! Hi, the knee is fine thanks. Can’t vouch for the rest of my body though. Don’t be too impressed, I’ve got one of those brains that switches off when you exercise, which has its advantages and disadvantages, the principle disadvantage being self harm.

      It was what’s called Sufferfest night last night. I’m sort of up dating my diary which explains its pleasures…humm its so full of pleasure I think I’d rather spend time in Wanda’s office…

      Thanks for passing by

    • Winds howling in the trees, & the sea’s reforming the landscape half a mile away…another ride in the morning…a cycling pal of mine was hospitalised ystday, his bike totalled…humm…sleep becons

    • You know dogs well. At that time they give me the look of the sane looking at the insane. If its raining raising an eyebrow is an achievement on their part. Thanks for the reply.

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