All Past

And so I pass in time as do you,

Filled with worlds of light & sound,

I now lie fast within the ground.

Happiness both false & true,

Were rising sun & pulling moon,

For me they came so fast & left too soon.

Cold mute soil turned & tilled,

By screaming splintered iron, seared

White faces pressed & squeezed by fears,

Bark the worlds end & fill our ears,

To mark me as the 29 thousand killed.


Do those shells that whimpered to find their prey,

Find the world a quieter place today…

One thought on “All Past

  1. Background information: between 7am & mid day on the 1st July 1916 60,000 British groups left their trenches to walk across no mans land. Within those 5 hours 20,000 were either killed or died of wounds.

    This battle continued until November 1916.

    Approximately 8 million British men were crafted into the military machine, just short of one million died or were seriously wounded. Just over half of these casualties occurred between July – November 1916.

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